The Upcoming South Korean Presidential Election, December 19th 2012

The Upcoming South Korean Presidential Election

It’s presidential election season in South Korea. Following U.S. president Obama’s re-election, and in the wake of current President Lee Myung-bak’s streak of enormous unpopularity, 3 remaining souls compete for who will get to pave the way for Korea’s next 5 presidential years. In the first political piece for, allow us to introduce you to the candidates, the issues, and the international circumstances surrounding this election.

The Candidates

Months ago, there were 5. Now, there are 3. Defunct are the UPP’s (Unified Progressive Party) Lee Jung-hee and the PJP’s (Progressive Justice Party) Sim Sang-jeong. The remaining landscape comprises the conservative Park Geun-hye, the left-winger Moon Jae-in, and the middle ground independent known by the name of Ahn Cheol-soo.

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