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This is where I’ll dump Japan/Japanese related stuff that might be mildly interesting or humorous. Much of the content here is recycled from my previous blog: Thief, FFXI, and other unimportant matters.

July 14th, 2010 ケイタイ は 気をつけて ね!
Today at my high school there was a presentation on the ‘harmful effects of けいたい (keitai :: cell phone) usage at school.’

I can read katakana slowly but I caught the worlds “online game” (オンライン ゲイム) and “final fantasy” (ファイナル ファンタジ) on the presentation screen.  I’m guessing that was a mistake.  I don’t really know what’s out there for FF cell phone wise.  I thought there were talks long ago of releasing something which allowed you to manipulate your FFXI account while on the cell phone long ago, but nothing came of them.  And as far as I know, that’s the only FF online game.  Perhaps they labeled a single player game by mistake, such as this one, … , as seen on this site.  But maybe not.  I don’t really know too much about the FF world outside of XI.

May ’09,  2010 Kirin :: キリン,
means “giraffe” in Japanese.  I was surprised to find this out today.

  =  ?


June 7th, Japanese Words
Also found out that the Japanese word for “dentist” and “loser” are one and the same.  No joke; the word is “へいしゃ” (“heisha”).

September 8th, I eat like a Galka now
I ate raw red horse meat last week:

And I ate Gyutan (beef tongue) today,

Notice how the meat is serrated.  Yum.

September 13th, Seafood is tasty?
Tried Eel for the first time today, ‘Tempura de

I’ve normally got a phobia of seafood, or just don’t like it period.  But I had to admit this was quite delicious; easily the tastiest sea-cuisine I’ve eaten thus far.

Also checked out the Sendai Jazz Festival this weekend.  Was kinda disappointed that they started shutting junk down so early (10pm’ish).  In the states, something like this might be goin till the wee hours of the mornin.  So for hangout stuff to do, people usually go get trashed and do karaoke after events like these.  Clubs aren’t really very big here.  In Tokyo I’m sure, but there aren’t very many big nightclubs in Sendai.  One of my Japanese friends mentioned that one particular club was the best she knew of in Sendai.  Lame thing is that that club is realistically 10x smaller than the biggest club back in Pensacola, and Sendai is like 10x bigger than P’cola o.O.  Not that I am a major clubber, but it’s nice at least havin that option.

Wasn’t all Jazz.  There was some rock and latin music as well.

I went to Tokyo this summer, and I have so many pictures, but my computer died recently and I don’t have the means of getting those pics on the Internet yet 🙁

September 17th, Japanese bugs are quite creepy
Anyone that knows me in-the-realz would know that I have 2 phobias: (1) seafood, sea creatures, (2) bugs 🙁

In Japan, these are called げじげじ (gejigeji).  And as it turned out, one of these little bastards was in my house last night.  Freaking creeped me out.  I could’ve smashed it, but I was gonna trap it with some tupperware or the like and just put it outside (lifelong bug-pacifist).  But it managed to scurry away.  Fortunately doesn’t seem they’re harmful to humans, from what I’ve read.

I’m not gonna lie.  I could (and possibly will) do a whole entry just on Japanese bugs.  Roaches may not be commonplace here, but they’ve got everything else.  And every bug in Japan is bigger than its American counterpart.  It’s surprising and seems to be across the board.  Bees, hornets, moths, beetles, centipedes.. it’s all just bigger here.  And there has been more than one I couldn’t identify.

The above pic is from wiki.  Below is a pic my friend took in Odaiba last month.  I have a cooler picture on my digicam, but the computer that I mainly use is having problems.  It just came back to me by post yesterday after they’d ‘fixed’ it.  I booted it once, restarted, and am now getting the old “hard drive not found” error.  So…sending it back to them…thanks dell.


This little bugger is a ‘cicada’.  You know those bug-noises you tend to hear in anime, usually around dawn/dusk when the main character is going to/from school?  That’s these guys.  And they are damn freaky to see 1st person.  With wings included, these things are maybe 2-3 inches long.  And they crawl and fly around like it’s nobody’s business.  When visiting Odaiba, Tokyo last month, one of these guys flew past me, into a wall, and then fell dead on the floor.  It looked a little different than this guy, but I do think it is of the same species.  I took a pic with it–but again, waiting on my dell to be fixed -.-

September 28th, Japanese bugs are quite creepy

My co-workers couldn’t even tell me :/

October 28th, More Creepy Bugs

More evidence that if it’s a bug, and it’s in Japan…it’s going to be bigger.
October 19th
More food-related.  Yeah, this is why I tell people I hate Japanese pizza..

October 22nd, So the JP’s are fond of retro American family sitcoms

When I first arrived at my apartment here in Tagajo, I turned on my TV.  What did I see?  This:

Of course, I later learn that there is another popular family sitcom that the Japanese watch.  My coworker tells me he gets angry every time his daughter switches off the news to watch it instead,

Why so popular?  I do not know.

October 28th, Porno Stores: the lighthouses of urban life
I wonder if the other 50% of the human population feels slightly offended by these urban Meccas; sometimes I feel offended for them,

Not an uncommon site.

Totally different note, I tried take-out grilled eel over rice recently. Unfortunately I didn’t like it :(–it was no eel tempura.

November 1st, Manju and Baozi
More food.  Manju and Baozi are chinese-style stuffed buns. They’ll be can be stuffed with either/and/or meat, seafood, curry, vegetables, or more.  Manju is more like a typical bread bun, while baozi is as if wrapped in like a flour tortilla; not quite but that’s what I’d compare it to, lol.  The baozi is what I’d gotten at the school festival recently, made by our school’s Chinese teacher.  Manju is probably more popular in Japan, and it seems like it’s being sold in a lot of the conbini (convenience stores) as of late (guess it’s a fall/winter food).

Here’s what manju looks like,

This one is called “Nikuman” (niku = meat; man = manju).

November 2nd, Japan has just now begun using a jury system?
Yeah, apparently so.  Here’s a good NYT article on the subject. :3)

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