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Git Workflow Guide

  # 0a. Fork the repo. # 0b. Clone the repo. Joe:projects joeflack4$ git clone Cloning into ‘commcare-hq’… remote: Counting objects: 846675, done. remote: Compressing objects: 100% (149/149), done. remote: Total 846675 (delta 104), reused 109 (delta 50), pack-reused 846472 Receiving objects: 100% (846675/846675), 415.87 MiB | 6.85 MiB/s, done. Resolving deltas: 100% (627831/627831), … Continue reading Git Workflow Guide

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Check out the new .pdf User Guide! –

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Just-a-Dash ERP Dashboard

Just-a-Dash Just-a-Dash application is a light-weight, mobile friendly, scaffolded EMS (Enterprise Management System) platform. For our purposes, EMS is synonymous with the more common term ‘ERP’ (Enterprise Resource Planning). Architecture Just-a-Dash uses a highly modular SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) on both the front and back ends. The technology stack is as follows, Documentation As of … Continue reading Just-a-Dash ERP Dashboard

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IceHRM – Home Health Edition

IceHRM – Home Health Edition Live Demo Demo User: admin / Demo PW: admin Documentation Blog Project on Github

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SCC File Renamer

SCC File Renamer About SCC File Renamer is a script that will flip the order of 2 strings within the filenames of a batch of files, so long as the filenames are of the following syntax: MainString1 #### MainString2 – SuffixString Applications for Usage I use this script at work on a weekly basis, for … Continue reading SCC File Renamer

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