VanillaHRM is an original, ‘from scratch’ learning project HRM (Human Resource Management System) written in straight PHP, JS, and HTML/CSS, without the use of any frameworks, libraries, or other codebases.

At the time that I was working on it, it was a simple CRUD application for data mainly on personnel, but also their clients, and other pertinent, day-to-day operations information needed by operations management.… Read the rest

The Upcoming South Korean Presidential Election, December 19th 2012

The Upcoming South Korean Presidential Election

It’s presidential election season in South Korea. Following U.S. president Obama’s re-election, and in the wake of current President Lee Myung-bak’s streak of enormous unpopularity, 3 remaining souls compete for who will get to pave the way for Korea’s next 5 presidential years. In the first political piece for, allow us to introduce you to the candidates, the issues, and the international circumstances surrounding this election.… Read the rest

Podcast Review: Talk to me in Korean

Podcast Review: Talk to me in Korean

Stars: 4.5/5
I started listening to Korean learning podcasts shortly after I arrived in August ,2011. But it wasn’t until a few months later that I found and stuck with TTMIK (Talk to me in Korean). In this review, I want to tell you why I listen  and encourage you to put on the earphones too.… Read the rest

Language, and The Osmosis Point

Language, and The Osmosis Point

A Beginner’s Guide to Passive Language Learning

The Osmosis Point

Osmosis /ɒzˈmoʊsɪs, ɒs-/

The passage of a solvent through a semipermeable membrane… // The gradual or unconscious assimilation or adoption, as of ideas… [1]

How can one learn a language with little effort…?
I have some advice for you. And if you are a person who is going to live in a foreign country, I think it’s an essential one.… Read the rest

Why hello there, World.

Hi ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to my site.

I started this site, or blog if you will, as a vent for my thoughts and experiences, and as a personal platform. I hope for a brighter future for myself, and the people and objectives I care about. And this is one possible avenue for that.

As a platform, this site will serve as a front for promoting my knowledge, skills, work endeavors, and projects.… Read the rest