Why hello there, World.

Hi ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to my site.

I started this site, or blog if you will, as a vent for my thoughts and experiences, and as a personal platform. I hope for a brighter future for myself, and the people and objectives I care about. And this is one possible avenue for that.

As a platform, this site will serve as a front for promoting my knowledge, skills, work endeavors, and projects.

As a personal vent, I will be blogging about things that interest me and are dear to me and, hopefully, things that can interest or help others.

The main topics will range from lifestyle blogging about my experiences in Southeast Asia, to language advice, and to philosophy. Anything else will be uncredentialed ranting on miscellaneous topics, such as politics.

If you like what you see here, then friend me, add me, follow me, or otherwise comment or shoot me an e-mail. Thanks!