The Upcoming South Korean Presidential Election, December 19th 2012

The Upcoming South Korean Presidential Election

It’s presidential election season in South Korea. Following U.S. president Obama’s re-election, and in the wake of current President Lee Myung-bak’s streak of enormous unpopularity, 3 remaining souls compete for who will get to pave the way for Korea’s next 5 presidential years. In the first political piece for, allow us to introduce you to the candidates, the issues, and the international circumstances surrounding this election.… Read the rest

Thoughtblog: An Introduction

“The imagination is the goal of history. I see culture as an effort to literally realize our collective dreams.”
― Terence McKenna

The Thoughtblog

Below is an excerpt from my about page.

I made an introduction to this website early on in its life, outlining its scope and purpose.What’s said there holds true. This place serves both a practical and a kind of spiritual purpose for me.
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