Applying Tailored Mathematics to recreational gaming

 “How to Maximize Sa/Ta Damage

Sorry for anyone who was waiting for this to be finished. It took longer than expected, work and life and all that. Plus I ran into some snags with excel. Looking at the excel I made it looks pretty professional, but I really am by far not an expert at it. I also heavily underestimated this task I’d set for myself.… Read the rest

Time Away from Home

A little about the RL

Those who know me in-game know that I haven’t been on much for the past month.  The reason for this is that I have a new job, as of late March ’09.  When I graduated from Uni almost a year ago, our US economy turned pretty shite.  I chose to procrastinate from serious life plans and was enjoying my time playing FF and chillaxin while I worked entry level jobs. … Read the rest