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“The imagination is the goal of history. I see culture as an effort to literally realize our collective dreams.”
― Terence McKenna

I made an introduction to this website early on in its life, outlining its scope and purpose.

What’s said there holds true. This place serves both a practical and a kind of spiritual purpose for me. On the first hand, I’m very interested in the practical; I want a reliable medium to convey my professional skill-set and experience, to easily connect with others, and build towards future goals. My first and foremost priority is to actualize short and long term economic goals and to provide maximum value to prospective employers and my upcoming projects.

On the other hand, it would seem wasteful of me not to use my site as a venue for the exploration and sharing of my passions and interests. It would be a superficial ‘playing into the game’ to fall victim to economic tunnel vision. There’s a reason why we call life ‘the game.’ A lot of us treat it like one, and most of us have no choice but to play by the rules if we’re to have any chance of achieving our dreams, or of finding happiness at all. But for most of us, the game is just a game; one that simply must be played. After all, we are not our job. We’re not how much money we have in the bank. We’re not the car we drive. We’re not the contents of our wallet. And we’re not our bleep’ing khakis.

Are we human, or are we dancer? Are we consumers? There’s a reason why our companies have human ‘resource’ departments. Of course, we know that we are more than just resources. But when you load up the right spreadsheets and peer through the looking glass of the global economic engine, we are just that. Ap’praiseable, tradeable, usable, and expendable. Through the economic, consumer based platform that western culture suspends itself upon and has tethered itself to, we really can quantify ourselves.

It would be a crime to oneself to ignore the meaningful. I tend to live my life as a carefree person, but this can be a very serious world. Beneath the modern-media catalyzed culture of apathy that anyone reading this has been born into, there are things that affect you and people that you should care about that should make you sick to your stomach. And the vague faraway helplessness that you may feel regarding injustices that you do know or have yet to know, is largely illusory. These are topics that should at least be talked about.

That is the long-term goal, and it should be one of your goals too. The topics in the thoughtblog of this website will include the spiritual, the philosophical, the scientific, and the critical. Not all topics will have the ethical flavor exposited above, but they are likely to be topics that too affect everyone directly. As my current main priorities in life are geared towards better availability of income and time, development of the thoughtblog will likely be slow for years to come. It is not a short term, immediate project. It is a long term medium for my long time passions.

Mysteriously, novelty tends to overcome entropy.